Notes from Diary, Miss Nannie Cathey, Cathey Gap, Coosa, Floyd County, Ga.

From Cherokee County Library, Centre, Alabama. Anonymous compiler.

Fri. 29 Mar 1861: Mr. BALE called. Conversation very dull - hard to keep up.

Sun 7 Apr 61: Mr. Bale came in the afternoon and staid till after supper. He came to see Em.

Thu 11 Apr 1861: Mr. BALE called and got his walking papers from Emma.

Mrs. Abe PELT

Mrs William PELT

Wed 11 May 64: Conscript officer took John PELT by here today.

Sun 15 May 64: "Went to church to day had prayer meeting at 10 am and preaching at 11. It was communion day at Sardis Fewer communicants than I ever saw there before. This war if it continues much longer will break up every thing. The sad news came to day that C R BALE was killed last Friday. Had one of his legs shot off and the other broken. [He was the one Emma gave the walking papers to.] Poore Maggie how I sympathize with you in your bereavement only been married a little over three months and a widow so soon."

Mon 16 May 1864: "Mr. TOMLIN passed along with Charlie BALES body this evening."

Wed 18 May 64: Two of Mr. CAMP's negros have gone to the Yanks.

Tue 14 Jun 64: "Saw Billy HARDIN just from our army...He brought a number of letters but none for us."

Sat 23 July 64: "Saw Billy HARDIN just from the front. The news he brought is not very encouraging."

Fri 5 Aug 64: "Abe PELT came home to day. He says that he escaped from the Yankies but I think he ran away. He brings bad news from our army."

Sat 13 Aug 64 - "Messers HARDEN and HAYS ate breakfast with us this morning. Mr. Hays is thrashing our wheat to day several hands helping."

Mon 29 Aug 64: To day Mrs. W. PELT and son called at the gate this evening. [Joann and Sis PELT mentioned in one place]

Thu 1 Sep 64: "My darling friend Maggie Bale came to see us this evening. Mr. Mitchel and Mrs. Pelt allso. Have not seen Maggie since her husband was buried till now."

Sun 1 Oct 64: "Emma WHITE, Minnie SHROPSHIRE, Maggie BALE, and Emma all spent the evening at Mr. MITCHELs. Aunt Lou came home with them... There is only eight Ladies here to night two of them widows..."

Mon 17 Oct 64: Uncle Isac and Mr. HARDEN came in and staid for a short time. They brought me a certified account for the hogs the soldiers had killed for us calling for $500.00.

Wed. 2 Nov 64: John SMYRE, Joe HARDEN, and M. BOLT came in to see us.

6 Nov 1864: Mr. HARDIN, Miss HARVY, and Mrs. WITHERS came this far on their way to church. We tols them there was no preaching and they warmed a while and went back. Capt. Jay called and warmed allso.

Sun 27 Nov 64: Messers DUAL and BOLT called in this morning. Came down to get a cow we have had for her milk since last June. Maggie and Vick came down this evening staid a short time.(p. 75)

Wed 30 Nov 64: ...We over took Mr. Bouchelon beyond Mr. Pelts...We ate dinner at the foot of the mountain at Mr. Hurndon's Spring.

24 Dec 64: One year since Alfred BALE was killed.

Mr. Matt VANN.p. 86. 1 Feb 65

Mr. VANN died Sun 5 Jan 65.

Sun 19 Feb 65: Mr. WITHERS and Mattie SIMMONS started to church and came this far and found there was no preaching. They staid an hour or two and went back. p.90.

Sun 26 Feb 65: "Mrs. BALE and Maggie came this evening to stay all night.

Mon 27 Feb 65: Mrs. BALE and Maggie staid till after dinner..." p. 91

[27 Feb 65 is the last entry in the diary.]