Help Identify Floyd County, Georgia Hardins, 1800s

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1866 Floyd County Tax Digest

Hardin, Alvin Dean (son of Joseph J. Hardin)

Hardin, Eli J.(son of Eli Hardin, 1808-1882)

Hardin, Eli, adm. of H.W. Hix, dec'd.

Hardin, Eli, agt. for Avory of S.C.

Hardin, John L. (son of Eli Hardin, 1818-1882)

Hardin, J. J. (Joseph J. Hardin, 1802-Sep 20, 1866)

Hardin, W. N. (Possibly William Hardin 1846, son of Milton R. Hardin 1821-1881. William son of Avery Hardin was only 13 years old in 1866.)

1864 Census for Reorganizing the Georgia Militia. The Military Reorganization Act of Dec 14, 1863 surveyed free white males 16-63 except those already in the Army or Navy, or State service. Exemption claimed and ground of it may be shown. Ten days were allowed to complete the survey. (My age calculations assume a January 1864 survey.)
Floyd County, 42nd Senatorial District - 855th Militia District

Avery, Charles, 47 yrs, 2 mos, Farmer, b. Lawrenceburg, SC (Laurensville, Laurens County)(b. Nov. 1816)

Bolt, Allen, 47 years 2 mos Farmer, b. Lawrenceburg, SC (Laurensville, Laurens County)(b. Oct 1816)

Bolt, Martin, 17 yrs 11 mos, Farmer, Birthplace not shown. (b. Feb 1846)

Harden, Eli, 35 yrs 8 mos, Hatter, b. Pendleton District, SC (b. Apr 1828)(If the 35 is a miscopied 55, he was b. May 1808, and is Eli Hardin, who was b. 11 Apr 1808.)

Harden, Eli J., 25 yrs 4 mos, hatter, b. Lawrenceburg, SC. Exemption: Militia Officer. (B. Sep 1838, Son of Eli Hardin in Laurens, SC) ( The reference is most likely to LAURENSBURG, meaning LAURENSVILLE, the seat of Laurens County.)

Harden, M.B., 39 yrs 4 mos. Overseer. B. Lawrenceburg, SC. Exemption: Overseer (B. Sep 1824. If “B” is a mis-copied “R”, this might be Milton R. Hardin who was b. 2 Sep 1821,)

Harden, Thos., 56 yrs. 1 mo. Farmer, b. Lincoln Co., Ga. (b. Dec 1807. Lincoln county is 30 miles north of Augusta and 60 miles south of Pendleton, SC.)

Payne, O. E., 59 yrs, Farmer, b. Franklin Co., GA (Nancy Payne's father; see 1860 Floyd Co. census., North Carolina District.)

Rains, B., 51 yrs., Farmer, b. Anderson District, SC

Weather, Isaac, 37 yrs., Mechanic, b. Lincoln Co., NC

Unknown Floyd County, Georgia Hardins

Layton S. Hardin, b. 1850 Tennessee m. Margaret A. __, b. 1854.

1870 ceusus, Blue Pond, Cherokee Co., Ala.

L.S. Hardin, 20, M, TN

Margaret A., 17, F, GA

Willy T., 5/12, F, AL

1880 census, Chulio, Floyd Co., Ga.

Layton S. Hardin, M, 30, TN, NC, TN

Margaret A. Hardin, 26, GA, Wales, GA

Minnie, F, 8