Down Home in Alabama: Genealogy of Travis Hardin

Sardis Volunteers

This Civil War company was formed at Sardis Presbyterian church, Coosa, May 9, 1861, and was mustered into the service at Lynchburg, Va. June 11, 1861, by Major Clag. The following muster roll was completed Dec. 25, 1894, by Curtis Green, of Oglesby, Tex., a member who still survives [1922]; and was authenticated by a survivor. (Source: Battey, History of Rome and Floyd County, 1922.)


Captain—John R. Hart.
First Lieut.—Alfred F. Bale
Second Lieut.—Wm. W. Tutt.
Third Lieut.—J. D. Bouchillon.
First Sergt—John R. Lay.
Second Sergt.—G. W. Mathis.
Third Sergt.—C. C. Williamson.
Fourth Sergt.—Wm. D. Moore.
First Corp.—Jno. P. Fleming.
Second Corp.—Isaac P. Smith.
Third Corp.—J. H. Williamson.
Fourth Corp.—Robt. N. Hays.
Musicians—David W. Guthrie, Jno. L. Guthrie.


Leonard N. Austin
Jasper Barkley
John W. Berryhill
Martin Bolt
James E. Buford
John W. Buford
Robert Burnes
Henry H. Burns
Richard Carey
Frank Carder
William A. Carder
Louis Carpenter
Asbury Chapman
James A. Coffer
James M. Collins
Martin V. Collins
Wm. G. Collins
Jos. A. D. Comer
A. S. Cone
Geo. B. Crawford
Hugh S. Davidson
John Davis
William Davis
William D'Boice
John H. Doogan
Joseph A. Duke
William C. Duke
Henry Dutton
Henry W. Fisher
Thomas Ford

James A. Frazier
Robert N. Frazier
Trustman Frazier
William N. FrazierCurtis Green
Lee Green
William H. Griffin
Johnson S. Griswel
G. A. Hall
Tom M. Hall
Waddy J. Hall
William J. Hall
Harrison Hamilton
William Hardin
William H. H. Hay
James D. Holcomb
William Holder
P. J. Huckaby
William M. Husky
Wm. I. M. James
Wm. H. Johnson
Wm. R, Johnson
George King
Jo Lay
German M. Lester
Thomas F. Love
John T. Lowry
William Lumpkin
Jo Mathis
J. S. McCollaugh
James C. Millican
Abe McGee
Robert McKenzie
Thomas Millican
George Minix
Nathan S. Moore
James R. Murdock
David Neely
William B. Nelms
David C. Neyman
Joseph K. Neyman
Samuel North
G. W. Pilgrim
Isaac. Pilgrim
Wm. M. Pilgrim
William Pledger
J. A. Powell
Draton L. Rains
Garrett Robinson
Thos. S. Robinson
Andrew J. Rose
David A. Self
Archa Shirey
Enoch P. Shirey
Henry B. Smith
John F. Smith
John A. Smith
James Studard
Henry Walker
Joseph W. West
Wm. H. Williams
John R. Wood
William H. H. Wright


Richard Bailey
James Barkley
G. R. A. Brison
Benj. F. Bryan
A. J. Collins
J. J. Comer
James Davis
N. B. Ford
Adolphus Furr
Walter Furr
Barney Hall
John Hall
Quince Harbour
Henry Huffman
Vestal Johnson
R. W. Kincade
Z. T. Lawrence
Frank Luster

Sam Martin
John Medlock
Newton Murdock
Jake Neyman
William Owens
Newton Pelt
Garrison Perry
John Robinson
James Sheridan
Green Smith
A. M. Vann
Dave Vann
D. D. Vann
W. K. Vann
D. A. Williamson
Isaac Williamson
John L. Williamson
Robert Wood
Thomas Wood
Dr. J. W. Farell, assistant surgeon.


Transferred from Infantry to Cavalry Battalion, Smith's Legion, Partisan Rangers, 1862, under command of Col. J. I. Smith and Adjutant Edward R. Hardin: Jno. R. Hart, Lieut.-Col.; B. F. Brown, Major; B. F. Chastain, Adjutant; A. F. Bale, Capt. Co. C.

Sixth Ga. Cavalry, organized in 1863; John R. Hart, Col.; Cicero Fain, Lieut.-Col.; Alfred F. Bale, Major; J. W. Farell, assistant surgeon; John R. Lay, Capt. Co. G; First Lieut., W. I. M. James, Second Lieut. G. W. Mathis, Third Lieut. Wm. J. Hall, when war closed.