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Useful Bookmarks for Hardin Genealogy Research
Updated and link-checked by Trav Hardin 20 Jun 2023.
Category Site Notes
Academic Academic Data Bases and Search Engines (Older Jstor articles are on
e.g. The Arkansas Historical Quarterly. Pre-1923 articles are available to public. ‘Register & Read’: no cost for 3 articles every 2 weeks.
Academic Crawls books, journals, and footnotes. Case law.
Books & Magazines Books & Magazines
Open-content textbook collection.
Books & Magazines Rich. Includes legislative records and pre-1923 histories.
Books & Magazines Crawls genealogy book titles.

Collections (Ebooks and texts)
Wayback machine that captures past snapshots of the Web. Also includes various collections such as books, video, audio, images, and a collection of collections. is an Internet of its own.
American State Papers, Library of Congress

Federal gov. papers at the Library of Congress
  Colonial American Newspapers -- GenealogyBank$ (pdf)

Links take you to each paper's search page
Collections Research wiki
Latter Day Saints -- Original records, how to research, and links to records
Collections $

Collections  through your library

Collections Huntsville, AL Library databases Available from home Ancestry (library only); Fold3 (from home with library card); HMCPL obituary index; Huntsville history collection; New England Ancestors (library only); World Vital Records (from home with a library card)
Collections US Genweb Archives, search by state
US A site for each state, county, etc.

Southern Campaign Rev. War Pension Statements and Rosters
by Will Graves and C. Leon Harris
& Wikis

Rich source of historical books, legislation, and government records.
& Wikis
Genealogies of famous people
Possible genealogies
A library that includes U.S. laws.
Hardin Harden.Hardin.Harding Family Source Document Repository.
By William Clark Hardin.

Hardin Hardin Y-DNA Results
by William Clark Hardin.

Hardin -- Hardin Y-DNA Results William Clark Hardin, administrator
Family Tree DNA Y-DNA Haplogroup I1 Project
Sign in with kit number.
Y-DNA projets.
Hardin Individuals' Genealogy Web Pages
Travis Hardin, "Down Home in Alabama" also



Maps Maps, American Memory
Library of Congress
Maps David Rumsey Map Collection

Maps Hargret Rare Map Collection, Colonial America
University of Georgia
The National Map from USGS
Make and save your own maps.
North Carolina Maps
University of North Carolina
North Carolina Map Blog  The William P. Cumming Map Society

Maps  Randy Majors Research Hub
Making research easier by incorporating publicly available map data into Google Maps-based tools
Google News Archive

Google's instructions on how to search newspaper archive  (search on "search the newspaper archive")

Libary of Congress archived newspapers
Wikipedia List of online newspaper archives

Newspapers $90 (owned by Ancestry)
This and Fold3 & international incl. w/ ancestry $389 pkg.
Niles' Register at books
"A record of the events of the times." Published at Baltimore.
Each volume is a separate book at The link is to Vol. 37, an index, 1829 to 1880 with live links. Avoid reprints that you must buy.
 Georgia Historic Newspapers at Gallielo
Newspapers Some Old Southern newspapers, incl. Georgia at USGenNet

Newspapers ThoughtCo list of Historic Newspapers Online

Crawls books, journals, and footnotes. Case law.
Newspapers $11.99/month Mixed documents e.g. “Colonial Records of Virginia” from
Pay Sites
Accessible Archives ($)  Ex: The Virginia Gazette, The Pennsylvania Gazette
Institutional and personal subscriptions (On June 15, 2023, Coherent Digital acquired Accessible Archives.)
Pay Sites "US Discovery" $189
Search, trees, shoebox.
Pay Sites $39 (a few databases are free)
Military, incl. Revolutionary War
Pay Sites $70
Newspapers and some books. Historical and government documents. American State Papers.
Pay Sites $56
Israeli tree storage
Pay Sites  $11.99/month, $119.88/year Mixed documents eg “Colonial Records of Virginia” from
State & County
State, North Carolina Archives

State & County
Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Sparse graphics and information

State & County North Carolina Land Grant Images & Data --
A Good Samaritan has organized the patent books to be easier to navigate.
State & County North Carolina. Speculation Lands
Speculation Lands Finding Aid (Western N.C. early 1800s)

State & County South Carolina Department of Archives and History -- RESEARCH AND GENEALOGY

State & County Tenessee Genealogical Society,  Search page for Ansearchin' News from 1954 to 10 years ago. This is a welcome trove of material.

State & County State, Virginia• Virginia Colonial Records Project
• Search the Library of Virginia Catalog
Research Guides and Indexes

State & County Virginia County Road Orders - Put the line below into Google search: site: "county road orders"          

State & County

State & County US Genweb Archives, search by state
US A site for each state and county.
Granville County is a good example
Trees -- Some functions still work in 2023. Worldconnect does not.
Rootsweb is owned by

Local Computer Resources (Personalize for yourself with a text editor)

Browser research assistants -- Pocket, Scrapbook, Zotero
Google Docs, Google Notebook in browser tray, duplicate of
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