Aaron Hardin Family Bible Record

Births, page 1 column 1 Original Text




Births p1 col1 original text
Aaron Hardin April 21, 1810   Closeup, Births p1 col1 original text
Addeline Alexander Holmes April 13, 1816  
John Henry Alexander Hardin June 26, 1834  
Francis Martha Matilda Hardin Jan. 23, 1836  
Mary Elizabeth Hardin March 24, 1838  
William Anderson Hardin April 22, 1840  
Annis Ann Hardin August 12, 1842  
Emeline Zepherine Hardin Sept. 8, 1844  
Richard Andrew Taylor Hardin Aug. 6, 1848  
Aaron Thomas Hardin March 31, 1850  
Births, page 1 column 2 Births p1 col2 original text
Huldah Calhouine Hardin Feb. 6, 1852 [Calhoun. T.H.]
George Washington Hardin May 23, 1853

Nancy Addeline Hardin May 21, 1855

Joseph Malcolm McPherson Hardin Feb. 3, 1857

William Francis Hardin
Apr. 5, 1859

LeAnn Hardin
May 12, 1887
[Perhaps Lou Ann. T.H.]
Mary Ann Hardin
Oct. 24, 1860

Births, page 2 column 1 Births p2 col1 original text
M. L. Hardin Apr. 30, 1915

Eugene Hardin
Oct 1, 1930 [Earl Hardin and Emma Story child.
Oct. 6 is another interpretation.]

Virginia Hardin
Oct 12, 1932 [Earl Hardin and Emma Story child]

Verlia Grace Hardin
Nov 15, 1934 [Earl Hardin and Emma Story child]
Births, page 2 column 2 Births p2 col2 original text
May Bell Hardin
May 14, 1909.
[Can be interpreted as Mary]
Lee Hardin
Nov. 28, 1911

Tommy Hardin
July 15, 1914
[Same person as Dolas Mack. JMH]

Marriages Marriages original text
Aaron Hardin was married to Addeline Holmes Sept. the 25th 1833
Aaron Hardin was married to Mary Ann Cualhown Sept the 15th 1847 [Calhoun. T.H.]
Deaths, column 1 Deaths col1 original text




Addeline Alexander Hardin
July 5th 1845  
Aaron Hardin Nov 10th 1863  
Taylor Hardin Nov 3rd 1863  
Annis A. Hardin
Nov 20th 1863  
Deaths, column 2
Deaths col2 original text
Sarah Ann Hardin
May 12, 1882

Mary Ann Hardin
July 29, 1905
[Penultimate wife of Joseph Hardin. JMH]

Dolas Mack Hardin
Apr. 13, 1935

This record was transcribed from the original Bible record by James M. Hardin, Jr., P.O. Box 1477, Canton, Georgia 30114. The record pages but not the Bible itself are in his possession. He has sent me a photocopy and I agree with the handwriting interpretation. First published on the Web January 2001 by Travis Hardin with permission of James M. Hardin, Jr. Revised July 2005. A copy was sent to the Alabama Department of Archives and History. Here is the letter of acknowledgement.
James Hardin concludes the entries with bad handwriting were made by Joseph Malcolm McPherson Hardin's descendants.

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