Eli H. Hardin Family Bible

as published in
Northeast Alabama Settlers
Gadsden, Alabama
Volume XVIII, No. 1, July 1979


(The following Bible records came from a Bible owned by James L. Conaway of Anniston, Alabama. It was copied by Mrs. Harie H. Rose on May 1, 1972. According to Mr. Conaway the family is from Cherokee County, Alabama. The Bible was The Parallel-Column Edition, published by Bible Publishing House, Syracuse N.Y. 1st Copyright 1872. This year of copyright 1885.)


Wm. H. Hardin died July 5th, 1881

Eli E. Hardin died Aug. 23rd, 1881

W. F. Neyman Hardin died May 26, 1891 (sic)

Eliza L. Hardin died April 25, 1901

E. H. Hardin died Feb.14, 1924

A. E. Hardin died May 10, 1930


G. Luhonidas Hardin and Lizzie Conaway were married April 1914

Mattie M. Hardin and William Nelson were married Feb. 17, 1914


Mary A. Hardin and T. A. McAbee were married the 15th of Oct. 1885.

Annis E. Hardin and W. F. Neyman were married Dec. 25, 1889.

Annis E. Neyman and J. B. Neyman were married July 30, 1891.

Eliza L. Hardin and J. W. McAbee were married Dec. 24, 1899.

J. A. Hardin and Sallie M. Hester were married Jan.13, 1895.

Lula F. Hardin and A. A. Hester were married March 1900.

Julia E. Hardin and J. A. Mobley were married Dec. 25, 1900.

Amos A. Hardin and Hattie Dunkin were married Dec. 25, 1904.

On a plain page:

George Leehonidas and Lizzie Conaway April 5, 1914.

Mattie M. to William Nelson Feb. 17, 1914.

On another plain-page:

Top of page: Asa Harden born Charleston, S. C.

Mattie M. born Oct. 19.


E. H. Hardin born July 29th 1845

A. E. Hardin born July 15th 1848

Mary A. Hardin born Sept. 21st 1866

Eliza L. Hardin born Aug. 9th, 1868

James A. Hardin born Nov. 19th 1870

Annis E. Hardin born Jan 9th 1873

Lula F. Hardin born Apr 10th 1875

Julia E. Hardin born May 25th 1877

Wm. H. Hardin born March 17th 1879

Eli E. Hardin born June 18th 1881

Amos A. Hardin born Sept. 29th 1882

Lehonidas Hardin born Feb 14th 1887

Mattie M. Hardin born Oct 9th 1889

This certifies that E. H. Hardin and A. E. King were united by me, Holy Matrimony at ____ on the 15th day of October in the year of our Lord 1865.

The following are copies of pages found in the Hardin Bible, but were not a part of the Bible. There were six pages of tablet paper and the information was written in pencil.


Page 1 -

Henry Ditmore was married to Abigail Holmes Dec 24, 1795

Martha Ditmore was born Oct 1, 1796

Henry Ditmore was born 15 of Feb 1798.

Henry Ditmore Senr died April 28 1799

Thomas Holmes Senr died June 29, 1807

John Vernon Holmes died July 12, 1832 aged 48 yrs 11 mos & 7 days, leaving 7 children

Annis Holmes the wife of John V. Holmes died Oct 17,.1836 and left 7 children

Page 2 - Second Generation

Thomas Holmes was born in Piccadilly, St. James, London Dec 9, 1745

Sarah Peak was born at Hickory Grove Oct 29, 1752 and married Thos. Holmes April 6th 1776 Abigail Holmes was born Jan 5, 1777

Thomas Holmes was born April 4, 1778

Martha Holmes was born Aug 8, 1779 died 1780

Elizabeth Holmes was born Feb 4th 1781 died 1782 (1 yr 8 mos) a son stillborn Nov 1782

John Vernon Holmes was born Feb 15, 1784

Stephen Richard Holmes was born Oct 6 1786 died Jan 20, 1787

Sarah Holmes died Dec 27 1788 also a stillborn son (aged 36 yrs 2 mos)

Thomas Holmes son of the preceeding died 2nd March 1823

Page 3 - 3rd Generation

John Vernon Holmes was married Aug 25th 1811 to Annis Stent by the Rev. Dr. Price.

infant child born Apr 26 1812 and died 2 hours later

Annis Ann Holmes was born 5th day of April 1813

Adeline Alexander Holmes was born April 9, 1816

Thomas Holmes was born Sept 26, l818

John Vernon Holmes was born Feb. 11, 1821

Howard Wyatt Holmes was born May 27, 1827

Asa A. Hardin born march 1814 departed this life April the 15th 1887 aged 73 yrs 1 mo.

Page 4

Asa A. Hardin was married 6th of ___ 1836 to Annis Ann Holmes by the Rev. Poyas, Ala., Tuscaloosa Co.

Mahalah Ann Lucetta Hardin was born 1837

Mary Adeline Hardin was born the 19th of ____ 1839

Annis Evilene Alexander Hardin was born Jan 3rd 1841 and died on the 8th of June 1843

Milton Augustus Hardin was born June 8th 1843

Eli Howard Hardin was born July 29, 1845

Alzara Gordon Hardin was born & died Sept 15th 1848

John Vernon Hardin was born Dec 1, 1849

Bethel Anderson Hardin was born Feb 6, 1851

William Avery Hardin born July 29, 1855

Henry Asa Peak Hardin born Jan 4th 1856

Page 5 - Record of S. J. King's family

Samul James King was born March 14, 1820

Frances Ann Dunn was born May 21, 1823

Mary Ann Houston was born Dec 1st, 1822 (second wife)

Auriana Elizabeth King was born July 15th 1848 )------1st----------)

George Washington King was born July 19, 1851 )-------------------)

Samul Alonzo King was born Dec 18, 1855----------------------------) Tuscaloosa Co.

James Wilson King was born June 27, 1857----------------------------)

Ida Talulah King was born Dec 29, 1858---------------------------------)

John Robert Houston King was born Jan 24, 1861

R. Judson King was born Jan 5, 1863

Page 6 - Marriages

Samuel James King and Frances Ann Dunn was married Oct. 29th 1846

Samuel James King and Mary Ann Houston were married March lst 1855

Eli H. Hardin and Auriana Elizabeth King were married Oct 15, 1865

Samuel Alonzo King and Emma E. Murdock were married Feb lst 1881

James W. King and Mary F. Murdock were married May 8, 1899

J. Houston King and Fannie Meredith were married Nov 11th 1883

J. Houston King and Eva Garner were married Dec 20, 1894

R. Judson King and Minerva Fouse were married Dec 19, 1895


Frances Ann King died July 29, 1851 aged 28 years 2 months and 9days

Samuel James King died June 29, 1864 aged 44 years 3 months and 15 days

Ida Lula King died March 12, 1869 aged 10 years 2 months and 9 days

George Washington King died 1882

End of Record

Postscript by Travis Hardin: I talked to James Conaway, still living in Anniston, Alabama in 1999, and he informs me that the Bible has been passed around the family and he no longer knows where the loose sheets are. Thank you, Mrs. Harie Rose! *** Sometime after posting this page I read in "Northeast Alabama Settlers", January 1985, that "Carol Marie Hugues Rose and her mother, Mrs Carol Eleanor Hughes, were killed in an automobile accident in Talladega County on Sunday, the twenty first of October, 1984." I would presume they are the same person.

This on-line version was scanned from the bound Northeast Alabama Settlers volume and proofread by Travis Hardin, Huntsville, Alabama.

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