George W. and Clementine Hardin Family Bible

Records from a Bible that passed from Clementine Hardin to George Frank Hardin, to Cathrine Hardin Morgan, to Travis Hardin. Originally transcribed by Frank Moore,  Rainbow City, Alabama, in 1998.
Editorial comments by Travis Hardin and Frank Moore are in [brackets]
December 2010: A looseleaf sheet of names from the original bible was rediscovered. Entries in RED are from that sheet, which is mainly a copy of the names in the bible with some later births added. The additions were either by Clementine Hardin or her daughter Viola Hardin, with some unrecognized handwriting.

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G. W. Hardin, Clementine Rains, Oct. 20, 1875



H. C. Hardin June 2, 1860 [Hannah Clementine]
William Thomas Hardin Oct. 9, 1877 [Son of G.W. and Clementine]
James Marshall Hardin March 2, 1879 [Son of G.W. and Clementine]
Opiola [Ophelia?] Hardin May 23, 1887 This name was discovered just after James Marshall Hardin on Births page 1
in the old bible. Conceivably this is Ola, a female niece of George & Clementine Hardin
born June 1887, daughter of Aaron Thomas Hardin and Frances Chandler.
Viola Hardin May 23, 1881 [Dau. of G.W. and Clementine]
Nora Bell Hardin April 11, 1884 [Dau. of G.W. and Clementine]
Nettie Lee Hardin June 7, 1887 [Dau. of G.W. and Clementine]
George Franklin Hardin March 7, 1892 [Son of G.W. and Clementine]
Robert Lendell Hardin June 23, 1895 [Son of G.W. and Clementine]
G. W. Hardin May 3, 1853 [Son of Aaron Hardin]
Katherine Hardin Sept. 27, 1921 [Frank's]
May Hardin (no date) [Will's]
Joe Van Hardin Nov. 5, 1923 [Frank's]
Clarence Smith Feb. 10, 1923 [Nettie's]
Beatrice Hardin April 27, 1926 [Frank's]
George Richard Hardin Dec. 7, 1928 [Frank's]
John Ivine Sept. 4, 1903 [Will's who died as a child]
Herbert Earnest Hardin Jan. 12, 1904 [Marshall's]
James Raymond "Tommy" Hardin Oct. 16, 1906 [Marshall's]
Bertha May Hardin Aug. 25, 1902 [Will's]
Nessie LaVater Hardin Sept. 1, 1907 [Marshall's; also written Vader, possibly Lavada with an added Southern R.]
Frank and George Hardin Aug. 22, 1909 [Marshall's]
Aretta Hardin Aug. 5, 1916 [Frank's]
Gordon Hardin Oct. 7, 1917 [Frank's]
Alfred Hardin June 24, 1916 [Marshall's]
Glades Roe March 12, 1909 [Nora's]
Mabell Roe March 3, 1911 [Nora's]
Howard Smith Feb. 17, 1911 [Nettie's]
Laura Grace Smith Dec. 29, 1913 [Nettie's]
Rubie Lee Smith May 20, 1916 [Nettie's]
J. C. Hardin Jan. 5, 1918 [Marshall's]
Ralph Gilbert Hardin July 29, 1919 [Frank's]
Helen Smith Aug. 23, 19 [Nettie's]
G. W. Smith Aug. 20, [Nettie's]
Annie Hardin Sept 30, 1913 [Marshall's]
John L. Hardin May 6, 1920 [Marshall's]
Floyd Hardin Jan 9, 1931  
Ethel Colene Hardin July 14, 1933  
James Walter Bishop Feb. 19, 1938  
Clara Elizabeth Bishop Mar 2, 1934  
Edna Roe Dec 26, 1913  
George B. Roe Aug 29, 1915  
Jimmie Lee Roe Sep 6, 1917  
Ruth Roe Jul 16, 1919  
Franklin Robert Roe Feb 9, 1921  
Albert Milton Roe May 11, 1923  
Kathlene Roe Apr 7, 1926  
Frank Roe McElrath Jul 17, 1932  
Billie Hardin Apr 24, 1922 [William Raymond Hardin, son of Wm. Thomas Hardin]


Robert Lendell Hardin June 6, 1896 [11-month-old child]
G. W. Hardin July 5, 1922  
M. C. Hardin March 5, 1924  [G.W.'s younger brother Malcolm "Mac" who died 7 Mar 1924 according to his family.]
Nettie Lee Smith Tuesday, April 22, 1930  
William Thomas Hardin Wednesday Jan. 27, 1932  
Mattie Barkley Feb. 10, 1909 [Clementine's older sister Martha Raines who married a Barkley]
Mary Ann Hardin
March 23, 1886
[Mother of G. W. Hardin]
Minnie Mae Hardin Monday July 19, 1937  
Glades Roe Nov. 23, 1909  
Clarence Hardin May 28, 1911 [Will's 5th child who died at 8 or 9--Wm Raymond Hardin, telephone conversation Dec. 1999]

The original Bible's title page was missing. The title page before the New Testament states, "New Oxford Quatro Edition, New Testament, Philadelphia, Franklin Book Company, 1899."

This document was placed on the web by Travis Hardin, P.O. Box 485, Meridianville, AL 35759. Revised 24 Oct. 2012

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