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SARDIS PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (On the National Register of Historic Places)
photographed 21 Oct 2014 by Travis Hardin

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Purpose of This Page

This page extends Coosa, Georgia beyond the 1860's. First a few items about the Pisgah Church Cemetery that lies in the shadow of the present Georgia Power Company smokestacks. A number of Hardins were buried in the Pisgah Cemetery. Several were active in the church since its first days. 

Hardins buried at Pisgah Church Cemetery, by grouping

Layout of the Eli Hardin groupingMy visit and photography at Pisgah Cemetery on 21 Oct 2014 did not produce any new or better photos than now exist on, at  Patricia Hardin's tombstone photos referenced at,
or at  Patricia Hardin's tombstone photos at
Many of these Hardin names appear in my GEDCOM at Rootsweb WorldConnect.


(The church is at the bottom in the diagram)

1. Eli Hardin, Born April 11, 1808  Died Sep 15, 1882. Eli and his believed brother Joseph Hardin and their wives were the first Hardins of the I1a group to settle near Coosa.

2. Hardin, Jane Jennie Bolt, B. Dec. 2, 1812 D. Sep 11, 1887 (Wife of Eli Hardin).

3. John W. Hardin, Jan 8, 1851 - May 20, 1851 (infant)(believed son of Joseph J. Hardin)

4. William P. Hardin, Mar 29, 1840 - May 8, 1856 (age 16)(son of Joseph J. Hardin)

5. Joseph J. Hardin, Apr 22, 1802 - Sep 20, 1866 (age 64). This is the believed older brother of Eli 6 years his senior. The position may be rather a little below the rest. Joseph had a large family but they seem to be buried elsewhere.

6. Nancy A. Hardin, Sep 16, 1840 - Dec 7, 1856 (age 16)(daughter of Eli Hardin)

7. James M. Hardin, Jun 13, 1847 - May 6, 1856 (age 8 and 11 months)(son of Eli Hardin))

8. Elizabeth Hardin, Feb 19, 1836 - Jul 13, 1857 (age 21)(daughter of Eli Hardin)

B. WEATHERS GROUP (further west and adjacent with Eli Hardin)
Frank E. Weathers, Jan 10, 1851 - Apr 12, 1881
Andrew J. Wethers, Sep 3, 1820 - Feb 19, 1872
"Lilly(?) Wethers, wife of Ingan Hellich who died June 17, 1859"
Logan Wethers, B. Aug 9, 1802, age 50Y 8-11, died Dec 11, 1875
Margaret Missouri Weathers, Aug 17, 1848 - Nov 5, 1924


John Lewis Hardin Dec 22, 1842 - Jul 3, 1919. (He was the son of Eli Hardin. He married Mary Jane McCullough)

Mary J. McCullough Hardin, Jan 17, 1850 - Jun 30, 1925.

Louise Clayton, son of J.K and A.V. Hardin, May 11, 1901 - June 21, 1903 (age 2) (James Kinchen Hardin, Sr. is the son of John Lewis Hardin. He married Alice V. Reynolds.)

Susie Lee, dau. of J.L. and M.J. Hardin, Feb 17, 1883 - May 19, 1887 (age 4)

William L., son of J. Eli and Roxie E., Oct 7, 1893 - Oct 27, 1894. (J. Eli Hardin was the son of John Lewis Hardin. He married Roxie Camp.


James Avery Hardin, Jun 12, 1849 - Apr 8, 1900. (He is the son of original settler Avery Hardin and married Margaret A. McCullough)

Margaret A. McCullough Hardin, Nov 17, 1855 - Aug 23, 1915.

(Savannah) Georgia Hardin Smith, Jun 12, 1874 - Mar 2, 1916. (daughter of James Avery Hardin, son of Avery Hardin who is the believed brother of Joseph, Eli, and Milton R. Hardin.)

Lily Laura Hardin, Aug 13, 1886 - Aug 7, 1907. The 1900 US Census, Chattooga County, Ga, printed p. 283, Seminole Twp. Lily L, born Aug. 1886, is listed as the sister-in-law of Jesse Smith. Her tombstone is probably mistaken in listing 1880 as her birth year.


James Walter McCullough, 1873-1929

Mrs. Mollie McCullough, 1848-1932

Adolphus McCullough, 1885-1951


Eli J. Hardin, Father, Sep 13, 1838 - Oct 11, 1905

Nannie W. Hardin, Mother, 1844-1912

Blanch, daughter of E. J. and N. W. Hardin, Apr 21, 1883 - Jun 14, 1897


MILTON R. HARDIN Sep 2, 1821 - Aug 8, 1881 (grave is alone). Milton Hardin, supposed brother of Joseph and Eli, Married Elizabeth Weathers.

Flora Ann Hardin, Granny, Jun 24, 1865 - Apr 22, 1947  and Robert Benjamin Davis, Daddy Bob, Aug 22, 1870 - Jun 16, 1946

Minnie Lee, wife of J. C. Robinson, Feb 21, 1875 - Jun 14, 1897. (She was the daughter of Eli J. Hardin.)

Susan Caroline Hardin Moore, Dec 16, 1833 - Jan 8, 1903. Oldest daughter of Eli Hardin.
Married first  Joseph Hudson Harvey (1828 - 1861),
second  James White (____ - 1865),
third  Joseph E. Moore (1844 - 1911).


Mary Jane Harvey Harris (1852 - 1922)
William Ely Alexander Harvey (1856 - 1928)
Annie B Harvey Foster (1860 - 1897)
Edward Robert Moore (1870 - 1910)
Susan Sarah Frances Moore Reynolds (1873 - 1958)

Quinton, Mrs A J Hardin, "Born in Alabama" "Daughter of Avery Hardin"
b. 1866 d. 1934

Anie Hardin Quinton, Jul 31, 1877 - Nov 6, 1924. (Daughter of Mary Adeline Amanda Hardin; wife of Andrew J. Quinton.)


Floyd County marriage records show Andrew J. Quinton on 11 Dec 1879 married Mary A. Hardin. The wife of Andrew Quinton in the 1880 Floyd County census is A. Adaline, b. 1861. The wife of Andrew Quinton, then, is Mary Adeline, the nickname is "Addie," and she is one and the same person as Addie Amanda, daughter of Avery.

Both tombstones have incorrect birth dates (See below). The most likely date of Mary's birth is 1861. It is from the 1880 census and possibly came from her own mouth. If she was born 1861 the December 1879 marriage was between a man age 24 and a woman age 18. That seems normal enough.

1849 - This is the birthdate of an older Mary Hardin born to Avery and as "Mollie Hardin" married Wm. McCullough in1873.

1858 - Definitely incorrect. The tombstone and other records used in Kinney, Shirley F. and James P. Jr., "Floyd Co. Ga. 1890: A Census Substitute," 1990, has the entry: Addie Amanda Hardin Richardson, dau/Avery Hardin, d. Sep 13, 1934, age 76. Pisgah Church, Coosa. The calculated birth date is 1858, but that is not possible: Joseph Hardin was born that year, and no female child that age is on the 1860 census.

1866 - Probably incorrect. A tombstone appearing quite new and sharpley-chiselled, photographed in 2003 by Pat Freeman Hardin reads, "Mrs A. J. Quinton, Born in Alabama, 1866-1934, Daughter of Avery Hardin." If born 1866, Mary A. Hardin would have been age 13 at her marriage to Quinton and 11 when Anie was conceived. Scenario possible but unlikely. Avery Hardin's family cannot be found in 1870 to confirm or deny the birthdate of 1866.

US Census 1880, 855th North Carolina District, Floyd, Ga: Quinton, Andrew J., W M 25, works on farm. SC Unk. Unk. (b. 1855) Quinton, A. Adaline, W F 19, wife, works on farm. AL SC SC (b. 1861) Hardin, Anna, W F 1, stepdaughter. GA (SC) AL (b. 1879) Mary Adeline Amanda was indeed a second Mary Hardin of the same father. She was twice married -- first to Andrew J. Quinton in 1879 and second to John W. Richardson in 1896.



I missed this stone when I visited Pisgah Cemetery. M.A.,  Mack A., and Buddy were some names he was known as. See him in my worldconnect tree. Information shared by James M. Hardin, Jr. of Canton, Georgia. The stone photo comes from, thanks to E. Jones.

M. A. Hardin



Enclosed in a marble border with "Hardin" carved at foot. Contains 3 flush stones.

1. Richard Lee Hardin, July 23, 1905 - May 16, 1922 (age 17)

2. David Carlton Hardin, Sep 18, 1910 - Apr 18, 1937 (age 27) Died in Floyd County in a car accident.
Clipping Macon Telegraph Apr 19, 1937, p5
David Carlton may be  "Carl" from the 1920 census,  age 8 (b. 1912).

3. George R. Hardin, May 12, 1886 - Apr 27, 1937 (age 51)

These graves tell of tragedies. The father George Hardin in 1930 lived in North Carolina District of Floyd County, yet he died at Milledgeville, Baldwin County. Milledgeville was the location of the Georgia State Sanitarium called later Central State Hospital. George R. Hardin indeed did die at the State Hospital, according to his death certificate, to which he had been committed for more than a year, since 18 April 1936.

Note the death of the son David Carlton Hardin in a traffic accident preceeded the death of his father by 9 days, and was also on the anniversary of his father's admittance to the state hospital. Richard Lee Hardin would be the son Richard appearing on the 1920 census as age 14.  The father George Richard Hardin's birth is hard to pin down. He reported his birth as 1882, 1883, and 1878 in the 1910-1930 census. He married Fannie Johns Hart Hardin and had at least 11 children. They lived in Floyd County many years. In 1910 they lived in Floyd Springs district. In 1920, Mont Alto district. In 1930, North Carolina district. Fanny died 5 Jul 1959 in Floyd County.


George R. Hardin's death certificate. He died 27 Apr 1937 at the State Hospital at Milledgeville of bronchial pneumonia. He had been at the hospital since about March 11, 1936.
Soure: "Deaths, 1928-1938," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 30 Oct 2014), 004569063 > image 469 of 679; Georgia Archives, Morrow.

David Carlton Hardin's death certificate. Death date 18 Apr 1937, Floyd County, certificate # 9226. His mother's name is shown as FANNIE HART.

Richard Hardin, death date 25 May 1922, Floyd County, certificate # 11873D:

Name: Richard Harrin
Birth Date: 23 Jul 1905
Birth Place: Walker, Alabama
Death Date: 25 May 1922
Death Place: Rome, Floyd
Death Age: 17
Race: White
Ethnicity: American
Gender: Male
Father Name: G R Hardin
Mother Name: Hart Georgia, Deaths Index, 1914-1927 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011. Original data:

"Georgia Deaths, 1914–1927." Index. FamilySearch, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2007. "Georgia Deaths, 1914–1927" and "Georgia Deaths, 1930," images, FamilySearch. Georgia Department of Health and Vital Statistics, Atlanta, Georgia.

In 1900 George Richard Hardin was 19 (b. 1881) and at home with his father in NCD, Floyd, Georgia. He was married in 1905 to Frances Johns while he lived in Floyd County. The 1910, 20, and 30 censuses report he was born in Alabama, as were all his children  b. up to 1910.

Father of George R. Hardin:
John D Hardin     45 b. Nov 1854 GA GA NC
Lucy J Hardin      43 b. Jul 1856 GA GA GA
Mattie L Hardin    21 b. Dec 1878 GA GA GA
George R Hardin  19 b. May 1881 GA GA GA
Cora Hardin        16 b Nov 1883, Alabama
Claudie E Hardin  12 b. May 1888, Alabama
Minnie M Hardin    9  b. May 1891 GA GA GA

I have traced the family no further than John D. Hardin, the father of George Richard.

According to Family Tree 2014 Jan 2014, an tree by GBush6, that looks pretty well documented: George Hardin > John David Hardin (1854-1905, lived in Floyd County) > Richard Monroe Hardin (1829-1902, b. Jackson Co. GA d Cave Spring Ga) > James Henry Hardin (1790-1836, b. NC d. Jackson Co. Ga.) That group appears unrelated to the Norse I1a Hardins. I welcome corrections.

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