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Some I1a Norse Hardins in America with focus on Pendleton Hardins

  1. Samuel Harding of Brunswick County, VA., will 1732 (samuel-1732.htm)
    1. Map, Hardins in Brunswick County, Virginia and Some Virginia Road Orders Mentioning Hardins, 1700's
    2. His possible ancestors:  
      1. Hardings of Surry and Isle of Wight Counties, VA. mid-1600s (george-surry.htm)
      2. Hardins in the Jamestown Settlement and Elizabeth City County. (jamestown.htm)
  2. His possible sons:
    1. Gabriel Harding of Lunenburg Co,VA and Moore Co. NC (gabriel-moore.htm)
      1. John Hardin of Indiana, son of Gabriel of Moore.
      2. Isaac Hardin ~ 1755 son of Gabriel (isaac.htm)
    2. John Hardin of Billys Creek/Cape Fear/Chatham County, b. 1733 (john-w-gabe.htm)
      1. Gabriel Hardin ~1752 son of John of Billys Creek (gabriel-w-john.htm)(a nephew of the older Gabriel)
      2. John Hardin of Montgomery County, North Carolina new!
      3. Washington County, Georgia Hardins: Nicholas, Adam, and Eve, sons and daughter of John Hardin of Billys Creek 
    3. Samuel Hardin, Jr. (samuel-jr.htm)(c. 1715-1753)
    4. William Hardin (wm-of-samuel.htm)new!
  3. Other I1a Hardins 1756-1787, North Carolina (hardin-nc.htm)
    1. Granville County Hardins including Sterling Hardin (granville.htm)
  4. Pendleton, SC Hardins 1787-1840 (pendleton.htm)
    1. Sons of Gabriel Hardin:
      1. Aaron Hardin (aaron-sr.htm)
      2. Griffin Hardin and children (griffin.htm)
      3. Other possible sons of Gabriel Hardin (sons-of-gabe.htm)
    2. Joshua Hardin to Ala. (joshua-ala.htm)
    3. Hiram Hardin b. about 1796
  5. Pendleton Hardins southward, 1831 to modern times
    1. Sons of Aaron Hardin, Sr.:
      1. Hiram Hardin b. 1796, to Louisiana (hiram-la.htm)
      2. Joseph Hardin b. 1802, son of Aaron, to Floyd County, Ga.
      3. William Hardin b. 1797, son of Aaron to Tuscaloosa (wm-tusc.htm)
      4. John Hardin b. 1806, son of Aaron, to Cherokee Co. Ala. (john-tecumsah.htm)
      5. Eli Hardin b. 1808, possible son of Aaron, to Floyd County, Ga.
      6. Aaron Hardin, Jr. b. 1810 son of Aaron, to Cherokee Co. Ala (aaron-jr.htm)
      7. Asa Hardin b. 1814, son of Aaron, to Cherokee Co., Ala. (asa.htm)
      8. Avery Hardin b. 1818, son of Aaron, to Cherokee Co. Ala.(avery.htm)
      9. Milton R. Hardin b. 1821, son of Aaron, to Floyd County, Ga.
  6. Sons of Aaron Hardin Jr. -- Plumnelly Hardin family in Alabama and Georgia (hardin-plumnelly.htm)
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  7. John R. Hardin and unclassified kin (oran.htm)
  8. William Hardin of Carter County, Tennessee (unclassified kin)
  9. Not Related or Unknown:
    1. Robert Hardin of Maryland and Rowan County, NC is not our ancestor (robert-question.htm)
    2. William Hardin, Laurens County SC, will proved 1809, and his father George Harding,Halifax Co., Va., will administered 1769.
    3. Joseph Hardin, Carrocks Creek, Pickens County, SC.
    4. William Everett Hardin, Franklin Co. Ga. R1b1b2 Gold group
    5. Some John Hardins in Brunswick and Amelia Counties, Virginia, 1740s, (Tuckahoo Creek Hardins) tuckaho.htm

The author invites corrections and new family history -- anything that makes the story more accurate and interesting. I would be glad to add family histories on living relatives (and their families) born before 1975 if relatives will write them and send them to me with photos or links. Provide only what you want to appear to the world (or request the page be protected with a password). I will also link to your own Web page if requested.

Recent reconsiderations and changes in thinking

1. After reconsideration, John Hardin was born 1733 and was the youngest son of Samuel Hardin. John was in gestation when his father's 1732 will left a legacy to be divided between son William and the baby if it was a boy. There were no boy children between them included in the legacy.

1. That John Hardin of Chatham County whose wife was named Sarah did not migrate to Pendleton District with his son Gabriel. The John Hardin who migrated to Pendleton District was married to Ann and was the eldest son  or young brother of Gabriel. That young John was born c.1770  and had a wife and one young daughter in 1790.  He left Pendleton around 1800. This explanation is speculative.

2. John Hardin of Montgomery County NC is possibly a son of John Hardin (1733). His seeming son Moses has I-M253 DNA. His seeming daughterTemperance married a neighboring Lewis Bolin. His seeming son Gabriel was the witness.