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In Franklin County, Georgia

These Hardins were in Franklin County, Georgia during the early 1800s, just across the river from Pendleton District, and should not be confused with the I1a Norse Hardins.

William Everett Hardin b. 1741 Virginia, m. Sarah Bledsoe, d. March 1810 Franklin County, Ga. His parents were Henry Hardin and Judith Lynch of Virginia and are in the Gold pedigree at hhhdna.com, or haplotype R1B1B2.

William Everett Hardin's son Martin Hardin b. 1774 had a number of children born in Franklin County, Georgia. He was married first to Sarah Kees of Pendleton District. Children of his first marriage were William Kees Hardin (b. 4 Sep 1807, Georgia), Robert Watkins Hardin (b. abt. 1806, Georgia), and Eliza Hardin (b. abt. 1804, Georgia). The 5 children of his second marriage to Mary A. Whitson were born in Tennessee, mainly Hardin County. The two boy children of the first marriage raised their families in Hardin County, Tennessee.

Martin's brother Swan Hardin lived in Franklin County for the birth of most of his 10 children:

Benjamin Watson Hardin 1796
Augustine Blackburn Hardin, 1797
Benjamin Franklin Hardin 1803
Milton Ashley Hardin 1813
Cynthia Hardin abt.1807
Susannah Hardin abt. 1809
Elizabeth Hardin 1799
Sarah Hardin 1805
Jasper Harvey Hardin 1806
William Hardin 1807.
(The reader will recognize some of these names as the fugitives from Maury County, Tennessee who helped to found the Republic of Texas in 1836.)

The above is not my research. It came from a family tree called RDHH GRIMES FAMILY TREE located at http://rdhhgrimes.familytreeguide.com/getperson.php?personID=I1970&tree=T1

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See a 2010 essay at ancestry.com by Karen J. Mitchell on the family of William Everett Hardin. His first five sons were born in Johnston, NC. "After the [revolutionary] war, William returned to farming, this time on a plantation on the Tugalo River in Franklin County of northeastern Georgia. It appears that he was a person of substance, because the Tax Digest of 1800 records that he owned 400 acres and 14 slaves."

1806 Pendleton District Record

John Kees for love and good will to my beloved son, Thomas Kees, give him five negros, name as follows: one fellow named June, one Will, one wench named Sarah, one girl named Lucy, one boy Curry and unto son, Absalom Kees, horses; unto Martin Hardin, well beloved son-in-law of Franklin County, Georgia, one horse. Date: 19 Jun. 1806. Wit: Benjamin Magee, Aaron Anderson. Aaron Anderson made oath to Wm. Cleveland, JP, 26 Jun. 1806. Rec: 21 Jun. 1806. P 399, "Pendleton District, S.C. Deeds, 1790-1806" compiled by Betty Willie. Easley, SC, 1982, Southern Historical Press.

William Hardin Obtains Headright Land In Franklin County, Ga

Georgia, Franklin County. Hardin, William.

"1801 Feb 4. This is to certify that on the seventh day of September 1789 the said Count of said County, granted unto William Harden his own family head rights for nine hundred acres of land and that he has only obtained one warrant for 250 acres and that the balance has not been issued. 4th Feby. 1801. D.C. Cleveland C.C.?

     "Book C Page 20

"William Hardin prays the Hon'l ___ Court will grant him one hundred acres as part of his family head rights be added to six hundred and fifty acres heretofore provided & issue in one warrant of 750 acres.
/s/ Wm. Hardin"

To the Honorable Court of Franklin County your petitioner Prayeth your honours you would Grant him nine hundred acres of land; on his own Family head rights and that the Warrants Should issue in one
Petioner Will Ever Pray   /s/ William harden  

1801 Apr 6. A warrant of survey is issued by the land court of Franklin Co. for 750 acres  for his own and family headrights.

A history of the William Everett Hardin family by Karen J. Mitchell (this site, .pdf)
For other versions, search in "Public Member Stories" at Ancestry.com

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