Son of Isaac Hardin or of Gabriel

Joshua Hardin b. between 1780 and 1790 in South Carolina

Narrative, Joshua Hardin

The narrative is built on the facts available, most of them below.

Early Spring, 1828: At about 70 years of age, Isaac Hardin, born 1755 +/-5, left Greenville County with a group of Greenville area people, including his wife and family and some grown sons with children, and crossed the Smokey Mountains. Perhaps they followed the Tuckasgee and Little Tennessee Rivers and exited the mountains into the town of Vonroe. A newlywed son Carroll Hardin settled there and later operated a still. Isaac then turned south to settle in McMinn County, Tennessee. It seems possible, even likely, that Joshua Hardin, nearing forty that winter, was an older son of Isaac Hardin b. about 1789 and was on that migration with his children. But Joshua Hardin with the Cannons and Lambs set their attention on Lauderdale County in northwst Alabama -- much farther west. Some Indians had left and the Indian Removal Act of 1830 was anticipated. In 1830 Joshua Hardin with his wife and two boys was just across the state line from his object living in Wayne County, Tennessee. Daughter Rhoda married John Lamb and went on the trip. Joshua brought his sons on the trip, Simon Peter b. 1812 and Joshua Jr., a baby, b. 1817. I have no proof that Joshua was on the migration of 1828. But at some time he was on a migration that took him to southwest Tennessee by 1830. Isaac's son John Carroll Robert Hardin, b. Dec 25, 1795,migrated at age 32 to Tennessee with his father and mother and found a wife on the journey. Carroll R. Hardin was married to Polly Kirkland on 4 March 1828 in Haywood County, NC, this fact serving to  mark a reference point on the journey. (See also isaac.htm

Joshua and his wife are shown in censuses as born in South Carolina

If Joshua is of Gabriel, who came to South Carrolina about 1787, a boy born between 1787 and 1789  would  fit as Joshua.

In Wilkes County, Georgia, Isaac Hardin was accused of a theft of tobacco on 20 Feb 1789. A court date of 31 March 1789 was set. On 2 Aug 1790 Isaac was in Union District, SC. I believe he exited Georgia before 31 March 1789. If Joshua Hardin was a son of Isaac, a son born in South Carolina in the decade of the 1780s was possible only in 1789, and from this reasoning I take his birth year as 1789.

Summary Time Line of Joshua Hardin

Joshua Hardin born 1789 in Union District, South Carolina to Isaac and Rachel Hardin .

1810. Joshua's daughter Rhoda Hardin was born in South Carolina.

1812. Son Simon Peter Hardin was born in South Carolina.

1817-18. Son Joshua Hardin was born in South Carolina.

1828 spring. Crossed the Blue Ridge with his father and brother and possibly with a large party. Joshua went to Alabama, probably after hearing of pending Indian removals there.  Isaac and son Carroll went to southeast Tennessee. John Michael Hardin points out that Cannons and Lambs lived near the Hardins in Union and Greenville Counties and the names are also found in Lauderdale County, Alabama. Rhoda Hardin married John Lamb in South Carolina. Up to three of their children were babies on that journey.

1846. Joshua died in Lauderdale County, Alabama between making his will  on 21 May 1846 and the will being admitted to probate 2 Sep 1851.

History of Joshua Hardin

1830 Census, Wayne County, Tennessee. Page 296.

1 male 10-14 (b. 1816-1820) (Joshua Hardin, Jr.)

1 male 15-19 (b. 1811-1815) (Simon Peter b. 1812.)

1 male 40-49 (b. 1781-1790) (Joshua Hardin)

1 female 30-39 (b. 1791-1800) (wife's name unknown)

no slaves.

10 Sep 1834. A Land Office certificate shows Joshua Hardin received 40 acres in Lauderdale County from the Huntsville land office in section 1 of Township 2 north, Range 13 west, in section 1, the NW quarter of the NW quarter.

1840 census, Lauderdale County, Alabama

1 male 5-9 (b. 1831-1835)

1 male 20-29 (b. 1811-1820) Simon Peter Hardin

1 male 50-59 (b. 1781-1790) Joshua Hardin

1 female 50-59 (1781-1790) wife's name unknown

1 slave, a boy under 10.

The present writer can't locate Joshua Hardin in 1850 census nor any of the mortality schedules 1850-1885.

Joshua signed his will on 21 May 1846, it was admitted to probate 2 Sep 1851, and was recorded 29 Jan 1852. (, "Alabama Wills and Probate Records, 1753-1999.") It is a hand copied courthouse file copy that is available to read. This writer has not found records of inventories, sales, or other court actions, only the file copy. Probate has two meanings: One, the act of proving and determining the validity of a will. Two, proceegings concerning the settlement of a decedent's estate. It is the first meaning that applied here on 2 Sep 1851, after which is was leisurely recorded on 29 Jan 1852. He probably died soon after writing the will and his will was not found and presented until later by someone else. John Michael Hardin says it was litigated.

Because his i1a DNA is the same as the standard Oran Hardin DNA, he came from the family one branch of which lived in Pendleton District, SC beginning in 1787. Because Joshua Hardin was born in South Carolina, he came from the Pendleton Hardins or Isaac Hardin of Greenville County, as there were no I1a Hardins located elsewhere in the state.* His possible fathers are (1) Gabriel Hardin b. bef. 1750 or (2) Isaac Hardin b. about 1756. The two of them relocated from Chatham County, N.C., Isaac detouring to Washington County, Georgia for a year. I treat each on his own page. James Hardin, b. 1756, i1a son of Gabriel Harding of Deep River, NC, and revolutionary soldier, moved his family for a period beginning in the fall of 1778, during the Revolution, to Pacolet River, 96 District, SC (present Spartanburg & Cherokee Counties). His age suggests he had children too young to have remained on the Pacolet River to grow up as Joshua Hardin or to father Joshua Hardin.

This page includes speculation for discussion among reseasrchers of this family. It is not finished genealogy tied up in a ribbon for harvesting. Corrections and better explanations are requested. Contact Travis Hardin at ke3y at comcast dot net.


Joshua Hardin of Lauderdale County was granted 40 acres in Lauderdale County , Alabama about 12 miles northwest of the present city of Florence, a few miles north of the Tennessee River. The reference on the survey is Huntsville meridian, T2N R13W, NW quarter of NW quarter of section 1. The grant is dated 10 September 1834 and signed by a representative of president Andrew Jackson. (U.S., Indexed Early Land Ownership and Township Plats, 1785-1898,

We Know Him by His Neighbors

Letter from Mike Hardin: "As I told you I have been looking at census records the last few days trying to figure out who Joshua's father was. We know it is Gabriel or Issac. And I have been looking at the Cannon, Lamb and Greer families, too. These families were associated with the Hardins in Lauderdale Co, AL. Here is what I have so far. In 1790 Issac Hardin is in Union Co SC. Next door is Richard Cannon. On the same page is Longshear Lamb and John Lamb. In 1800 Issac Hardin is in Pendleton Co, SC. Longshear Lamb is in Spartanburg Co, SC. There are several Cannons in this county but not on Issac page or the page before or after him. In 1810 Issac is in Greenville Co, SC. I find no Cannons or Lambs here but they are in Spartanburg and Pendleton. I don't know how close they were to Issac then.By 1820 Issac is still in Greenville co. On the same page with him is Henry Cannon about eight families down. Jesse Cannon is on the page before. By 1830 Joshua Hardin is in Wayne Co, TN and the Cannon and Lamb families are in Lauderdale Co, AL just south of him. Joshua's daughter Rhoda is married to Morgan Lamb and living in Lauderdale Co, AL. By 1840 they are all in Al. When Joshua makes his will he states his land adjoins Jabez Cannon's land.

These families are around Issac and Joshua. Even in McMinn Co, TN in 1830 there are Cannons, although they are not close neighbors of Issac. Also in the census records of 1830 McMinn Co is Hardy Hardin and Richard Hardin. I believe Hardy is a name used in this family. Where you find Issac or Joshua you usually find Cannons and often very close by. This is why I am looking at Issac as my ancestor. Gabriel Hardin leaves Sc about 1793 or so. Joshua would have been young enough not to have stayed behind. Of course he could have come back by 1810 or so when he would have married. Simon Peter and Rhoda are born in SC just after 1810. This is what I have so far.

You mentioned the Martin Hardin line here in Hardin Co SC. Yes, the Martin and Benjamin Hardin lines both came into Hardin Co very early. Then they started marring into each other! Our historical society has published some good articles on the Hardin families here over the years. And just over the line in Leapwood, McNairy Co is the Jordan Haridn line. I want to say they may come from our set of Hardins but I don't remember for sure right now.

I will close for now. Let me know what you think of all this. Keep on digging and I will, too. -- Mike Hardin"

Children of Joshua Hardin

Rhoda Hardin Lamb, daughter

Summary Time Line of Rhoda Hardin

Rhoda Hardin born 1810 in South Carolina. When she was around age 15 she married a Lamb, perhaps John Lamb, who died in Alabama or otherwise left the family after 1842. She married at about age 15 in South Carolina, had two children there or while traveling, and migrated with them to Wayne County, Tennessee, probably across the Smokies with her father and grandfather and their wives in 1828.

1830. John Lamb, age 20-29 (thus born 1801-1810) was enumerated with a wife the same age in Wayne County, Tennessee.They had one boy under 5 and one girl under 5. If this is the family of Rhoda Hardin Lamb, she was age 20, she married at about 15 in South Carolina, had two children there or while traveling, and migrated with them to Alabama, probably across the Smokies with her father and grandfather and their wives in 1828.

1836. John Lamb and Henry Lamb were on the Wayne County 1836 tax records. See the section "Census and other records of Joshua Hardin" for an older John Lamb in Lauderdale in 1830 and again in 1840. I venture to guess John and Rhoda Lamb lived in Wayne in 1836.

1840 Rhoda Lamb not located.

1846 May 21. Rhoda Lamb was nominated as executor of the will of  her father, who said she lived in Lauderdale County.

1850. Rhoda was head of family in Lauderdale County, born 1813, with 4 children, all born Alabama:  James b. 1834, Elizabeth b. 1838, John W. b. 1840, and Sarah b. 1843.

Before 1860 the widowed  Rhoda Lamb moved to Salem Township, Green County, Arkansas with sons James and John, daughters Elizabeth and Sarah, one Holt grandchild, and two Norrel children, probably grandchildren. Her daughters did not marry, but stayed with their mother. There were there in 1870 as well. Greene County is in far northeast Arkansas near Jonesboro. To date I have not traced them later than 1870.

More on Rhoda Lamb and the Lambs

1830 Census, Wayne County, Tennesee

The best fit for age is

John Lamb: Males:
1 < 5 (b. 1826-1830)
1 20-29 (b. 1801-1810) (John)

2 <5 (b. 1826-1830)
1 20-29 (b. 1801-1810) (Rhoda)

Other 1830 listings that don't fit well.

1830 Census, Wayne County, TN. p. 292. John, Henry, and Archibald Lamb are adjacent.John Lamb and Archibald Lamb have wives age 20-29.

Archibald Lamb: 2M < 5, 1M 5-9, 1M 30-39. Females: 1<5, 1 5-9, 1 20-29 (Here two children are too old to be Rhoda's). The wife of Henry Lamb was 40-49. That leaves only John Lamb as a candidate.

1830 Census, Lauderdale Co AL

John P. Lamb, 30-40, alone, no slaves (Not the husband of Rhoda).
James Lamb and wife both age 40-49. (Not the husband of Rhoda).

1836 Wayne County tax list:
Henry Lamb; John Lamb. Both were on stamped page 173. The listings were alphabetized, so the two are not necessarily adjacent. Two other John Lambs were in, Tennessee early tax list records 1783-1895. This is probably John Lamb, husband of Rhoda.

1840 Census, Lauderdale Co. AL

Two candidates: A. Lamb and John Lamb.

A. Lamb. 1M under 5, 1M 5-9, 2M 10-14, 1M 15-19, 1M 30-39.

Females: 1 2 0 1 0 1: 1 under 5, 2 5-9, 1 15-19, 1 30-39, 1 40-49. Two of A. Lamb's children were too old to be mothered by Rhoda, so she is not the wife.

The wives of A. and John were both 30-39. In 1840 Rhoda would have been 30.

John Lamb. By elimination, this is the husband of Rhoda Lamb.

1M 5-9 (b. 1831-35) (James b. 1834)

1M 30-39 (b. 1801-1810) (John, the father)

1F 30-39 (b. 1801-1810) (Rhoda Hardin, b. 1810)

There were six girls. Two girls born 1836-40, two born 1831-35, and two born 1826-30.
The two born 1826-30 were seen on the 1830 census

1850 Census, Dist. 1, Lauderdale, Alabama, 12 Nov 1850, p. 253

Rhody Lamb, 37, F, Farming $600 SC (1813)

James, 16 M, Asst. AL(1834)

Elizabeth, 12, F, AL (1838)

John W., 10, M, AL (1840)

Sarah, 7, F, AL (1843)

Commentary: From 1840, the two oldest girls born 1826--30 married and left home, or died. Likewise the two girls born 1831-35. Of the two remaining girls born 1836-40, one was Elizabeth. The other  is unaccounted for and may have died. From 1840, the boy b. 1831-35 is James, b. 1834. From 1850, the youngest child, Sarah, was born 1842 so we assume the father died or otherwise left 1841 or later.

1860 Census, Salem twp,, Green Co., Arkansas, Herndon post office, enumerated 17 July 1860. No slaves.

Rhoda Lamb, 44, housekeeper, $0/600, SC (1816)

James R. Lamb, 24, farmer, AL (1836)

Elisabeth Lamb, 22, Domestic work, AL (1838)

John W. Lamb, 19, farming, AL (1841)

Sarah M. Lamb, F 15, domestic work, AL (1845)

Lavaminta Holt, F 15, domestic work, MS (1845)

Martha A. Norrel, F 10, AL (1850)

James F. Norrel, 7, AL (1853)

1870 Census, Green  County, Ark., Salem Township, date 14 June 1870.

Roda Lamb, 60, F  Keeping house & Dr., Widow, $300 personal estate, b. NC, can't write. (1810)

Elizabeth Lamb, 28, F Lives with mother, Ala.(1842)

S. M. Lamb, 25, F lives with mother, Ala., cannot read or write. [This is Sarah](1845)

Holt, Seth, 25, F Lives w. grandmother, Miss., cannot read or write. [This is Laraminta.](1845)

Norral, James M., 17, M Farmer, Ala., cannot read or write. (1853)


The children with different last names were grandchildren.  One of the two oldest Lamb girls born 1826-30  could be the mother of Lavaminta Holt.  The mother of the Norrels could be any of the four oldest daughters born before 1835.  I am imagining marriages as early as 15, with the children copying the life the mother knew.

CHILDREN OF JOHN AND RHODA LAMB (numbers revised 31 Aug 2020)

Child 1, female, born 1826-1830, Greenville SC or on the migration.

Child 2, male, born 1826-30, Greenville SC or on the migration. Died between 1830 and 1840.

Child 3, female, born 1826-1830, Wayne County Tenn or on the migration.

Child 4, female, born 1831-35, Wayne County Tenn.

Child 5, female, born 1831-35, Wayne County Tenn.

Child 6, male, JAMES, born 1834 Lauderdale County, Ala.

Child 7, female, 1836-40, born Wayne or Lauderdale.

Child 8, female, ELIZABETH, born 1838 Lauderdale

Child 9, male, JOHN W., born 1840 Lauderdale County, Ala.

Child 10, female, SARAH, born 1843-45 Lauderdale County, Ala.

The father John Lamb died or left home after 1842, after a marriage of 17 years.

 The census taker was told consistently that James, Elizabeth, John, and Sarah were all born in Alabama.

Simon Peter Hardin, son

Simon Peter Hardin

Census 1850, Hardin County, Tennessee, District 10, enumerated 6 Mar 1850

Simon P. Hardin   W M 38 farming $225 SC (1812)

Catherine Hardin   W F 23 SC (1827)

Lucinda Hardin   W F 11 AL (1839) (the family was in Alabama by 1839)

Abagail D. Hardin W F 9 AL (1841)

Velia J. Hardin   F W 7 AL (1843)

Bartlett G. Hardin   M W 5 AL (1845)

Danial D. Hardin   M W 2 AL (1848)

David C. Hardin   M W  0/12  AL (1850)

Slaves: 1 male age 22 (1828)

1860 Census, Tishomingo, MS. Post office: Corinth.

SIMON HARDEN 48 farmer $600/500 SC (1812)

Catherine Harden 40 SC (1820)

Lotty J. Hardin 17 AL   (1843)

Barlet G. Harden 15 AL (1845)

David S. Harden 12 AL (1848)

Daniel C. Hardin 10 AL  (1850) 

John J. Harden 8 TN (1852)

Nancy C. Harden 6 TN (1854)

Richard Harden 4 AL (1856)

Josiah B. Harden 2 MS (1858)

Slaves: None

1880 Census, Dist. 9, McNairy County, Tennessee

John J. Hardin, 28 m farmer TN SC SC (1852)

Mary Ann Hardin, 24 wife m k. house  TN  blank blank (1856)

Arminta J. Hardin, 6, daughter s TN TN TN (1874)     

Susan C. Hardin, 4, daughter s MS TN TN (1876)

Idella Hardin, 3, daughter s MS TN TN (1877)

Mary O. Hardin, 1, daughter s TN TN TN (1879)

SIMON P. HARDIN, 68, father, divorced, farm labor, SC SC SC (1812)

Joshua Hardin, Jr., son

1850 census, Hardin County, Tennessee: Joshua Hardin age 33, b. South Carolina abt 1817, a laborer in the home of Joseph D. Corfman. [This is Joshua Hardin, Jr., second son of Joshua.]

The section below courtesy of John Michael Hardin, hardin1957 at To see his detailed "Hardin Family Tree" on in the most direct way, Here is the direct link (checked Aug 2020). Second most direct method of access is to look for member name 'jmhardin1." All his trees are listed on his member page. Alternately, select from the menu SEARCH/PUBLIC MEMBER TREES. Look up an expected name and choose "Hardin Family Tree" by "jmhardidn1."

Joshua Hardin senior was born between 1780 and 1790 in South Carolina according to the 1830 Tennessee and 1840 Alabama census. His wife's maiden name is unknown. He was granted 40 acres in Lauderdale County, Alabama on 10 Sept 1834 while living in Lauderdale County.

Joshua Hardin, Jr. married Catherine Greer who was born 1813 in South Carolina. Michael feels sure they are from the same place in South Carolina.

Joshua died 1846 or 1848 in Lauderdale County. His will is recorded in Florence, Alabama. His will was contested and the case went to the Supreme Court of Alabama. The case was finally settled in 1851.

Joshua mentioned three children in his will: Peter, who is Michael's ancestor; Joshua, born 1818 South Carolina; and Rhoda Lamb who left Alabama for Arkansas in the 1860s he believes.

Son Peter is Simon Peter Hardin, born 1812 in South Carolina. He married Catherine Greer, born 1813 in South Carolina. He was in Lauderdale County, Alabama in the 1830s and 40s. The 1840 Lauderdale County census shows "S.P. Hardin" age 20-30, childless, with a wife 20-30. He is in Hardin County, Tennessee in 1850, and jumps around between Tennessee and Mississippi until after the 1880 census he heads to Texas, following his son David Simon Hardin. On the way to Texas, Simon Peter Hardin died in Van Buren, Arkansas.

Simon P. Hardin appears on the McNairy County 1880 census as a divorced or widowed (unreadable) farm laborer, age 68, SC SC SC, living with apparently his son and family: John J. Hardin, 28; Mary Ann Hardin, 24; Arminta J., 6, Susan C., 4, Idella, 3, and Mary O., age 1. John Joshua Hardin is in Hardin County, Tennessee in 1850, and jumps around between Tennessee and Mississippi.

Son Joshua junior was born 1818. He has been hard to locate, showing up only in the 1850 census in Hardin County, Tennessee living near his brother Peter.

Daughter Rhoda Hardin Lamb left Alabama for Arkansas in the 1860s Michael believes.

Family of Simon Peter Hardin: John Joshua Hardin (1851-1913) was a son who was born and lived on the state line in McNairy County, Tennessee (the case in 1880) and Alcorn County, Mississippi.

Mary Ophelia Hardin b. 1879 McNairy County, Tennessee, died 1939 McNairy County, Tennessee, was a daughter of John Joshua Hardin. He was born 1879 in McNairy County, Tennessee, and died 1939 in the same county. She married Elias Jackson "Jack" Hardin (1862-1954). They were John Michael Hardin's great-grandparents.

The Y-DNA tested person, Thomas Nelson Hardin, born 1934 in Tennessee is a cousin of John Michael Hardin. The cousin is descended from Mary's father John Joshua Hardin (1851-1913), or another maternal Hardin ancestor, and has this ancestry:

Thomas Nelson Hardin 1934 > Claude Thomas Hardin 1908-2005 TN > Walter Bart Hardin (TN) > Bartlett Greer Hardin 1845 (AL)-1890s (TX) > Simon Peter Hardin 1812-1881 >Joshua Hardin 1780s-1846. See for that line. The husband of Mary Hardin, Elias Jackson Hardin, does not appear to be an I1a Hardin.

1870 Census, Dist. 12, Wayne County, Tennessee (If of the I1a family, he is of the age to be a grandson of Joshua Hardin.)

Joshua Hardin

Hardin, A.C., female, 43, keeping house, $500/450, born TN (the widowed mother of the family by appearances)

Joshua Hardin, male, 20, farmer, TN

Stephen Hardin, male, 18, farm labor, TN

Catherine Hardin, female, 15, TN

Elizabeth Hardin, female, 13,  TN

John L. Hardin,  male, 11, TN

Same page:  L. R. Hardin, 26, male, farmer, $0/100 TN

Margaret Hardin, 22, female, keeping house,TN

Slaves: 1 male, age 22.


page 202, frame 121 of 443. Alabama, Wills and Probate Records, 1753-1999. Will Book, Vol A-B, 1833-1897

Joshua Hardin Last Will. I Joshua Hardin in the name of God Amen. Being infirm in body but of sound mind and memory. Revoking all others, do hereby declare this to be my last will and testament. First, after my decease, I commend my soul to God who gave it and desire that my body may be decently buried. Second I give and bequeath  unto my two sons Peter and Joshua the occupant Improvements whereon said Peter now lives, adjoining the land of Jaby Canon, to be held equally and jointly between them.

Thirdly after my funeral expenses and debts are paid if any I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Rhoda all the residue of my property and effects of any kind that I now possess or may possess at the time of my decease which consists at the present time of the following property, to wit: 1 Negro boy slave named Friday, aged about 18 years, also one gray horse and carryall, one cow and calf, two beds and furniture, some household and kitchen furniture, together with all my books &c. And I further hereby nominate, constitute and appoint Jas. H. Witherspoon and my daughter Rhoda Lamb, executor and executrix of this my last will and testament. All the parties, the persons here in and above named, being citizens of and residing in the county of Lauderdale and the state of Alabama. Signed with my hand and sealed with my seal this 21st day of May 1846 in presence  of James H. Witherspoon. Joshua Hardin (his mark) .

Admitted to probate in order to be recorded the second day of September 1851. W. T. Hawkins, P. judge. This will, duly recorded the 29th day of January 1852.

Comments by T.L.H.: Date signed: 21 May 1846. Date admitted to Probate to be recorded: 2 Sep 1851. Date recorded: 29 Jan 1852.

In this space are miscellaneous notes. First, several Hardin entries from McNairy County and Hardin County, Tennessee, in the Federal mortality schedule, 1850-1885, from the US Census:

Jane Hardin, female, white, widowed, Est birth 1806. Born NC. Age 74 Death date Feb 1880. Pneumonia. Civil Dist 9, McNairy, TN.

Alexander Hardin, male, married, est. birth 1808. Birthplace: TN. Age 42. Death date Mar 1850. Inflamation and fever. Census year 1850, dist. 4 and 6, Hardin County TN

Elizabeth Hardin, female maried 1825, b. TN. Age 25. Death date Apr 1850. Pneumonia. Dist. 12, 2, and 3. Hardin County, TN.