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...have fortunately been saved these 138-plus years, were transcribed from the originals by David Barth and his wife many years ago, and have been placed on a Website by a Hardin/Sloan descendant, Mark Jenkins of Comer, Gerorgia, cousin of Mr. Barth. His Web site is here .


Mark says on his website, "These letters have been typed out letter for letter and word for word so that they can be read easier."
"The original letters are in very rough condition and are difficult to read, some are torn and missing parts, others are stuck together and are impossible to seperate. The letters on this page are the only best ones of the group and I want to thank my cousin Jimmy Price for typing them out for preservation and sharing them with me so that I could share them with you. I realize that the integrity of these letters has been compromised to a degree, but we do have the originals and know for a fact that they are exact copies. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have and that these letters will give you a sense of the seriousness of the hardships our ancestors endured during this terrible time!"


After reading the letters and comparing them with the Stewart version, I offer this suggested clarification of dates, in chronological order:


(The Newname column may be ignored.)
letter2 ma62-3x Prob. March 1862 M.A. to parents
letter1 ma62-524 Prob May 24, 1862. Transcript says 1860. M.A. to parents Claiborne, Tenn.
letter7 ma62-620 June 20, 1862 M. A. to parents
letterc ma62-713 July 13, 1862. Transcript says 1864. Granger County, Tenn. Probably M.A. to parents. Back side stuck.
Letter6 ma62-820 Aug. 20, 1862 Claiborne County, Tenn. M.A. to parents.
letter5 ma62-825 Aug. 25, 1862 Camp Hornet’s nest. M.A. to parents.
letter3 ma62-n3 Probably Nov. 3, 1862 Camp near Manchester, Tenn. M.A. to parents.
letter6 ma62-slo 1862 Sometime after Chattanooga. Robert Sloan to wife Mahala Sloan and sister Caroline Sloan.
Letter4 ma63-107 Jan. 7, 1863 Camp near Vicksburg. M.A. to parents.
Letterb ma63-120 Jan. 20, 1863 Vicksburg. M.A. to parents.
letter9 ma63-225 Feb. 25, 1863 Camp near Vicksburg. M.A. to parents.
letter0 ma63-420 April 20, 1863 Vicksburg. M.A. to parents.
lettera ma63-505 May 5, 1863 Camp in the old field. M.A. to father.
Letterd ma64-slo July 2, 1864 Mahala Sloan to husband Robert Sloan.
Lettere ma69-hol Sep. 25, 1869 G. V. Holmes of California(?) To brother and sister in Alabama.

Letter 3 has a second page named letter3.1.jpg. The same for letter 4.

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